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We will set up a quick 15 minute call to get a better understanding of your business needs.

Provide our team with copies of your latest invoices so we can research and advise of any savings opportunities.


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Signed Agreement get's the process started.

Whether you chose to find a new provider or had us reduce your costs on your current agreement, your next invoice should reflect the new awesome rates.



You’re happy, your provider is happy to still have your business, and we did our duty.

We bill our rate (35%) of the Net Savings we find you.



Win Win Win.

While doing this once is a great win for the business, finding savings on all your providers can change your entire trajectory.

We’re happy to set further discussions about additional savings and what else is possible.

Plumstack offers a free consultation. Talk with one of our experts to discuss your needs
and see how we can help you save an average of 30% on your HR & Payroll Costs.

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Find out how our customers save

Up to 60%

On Payroll & HR Services


On Software Research

Up to 40%

On most of their other Software Spend

Identify and eliminate unnecessary software subscriptions.

Many small businesses are subscribed to software they don'tuse or need. We can help you audit your software spend and identify anysubscriptions that you can cancel or consolidate.

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Negotiate lower prices with your current software vendors. No change necessary to your vendor or current lines of service

We can help you negotiate lower prices with your current software vendors by leveraging our relationships with them. We have a proven track record of success in negotiating lower prices for our clients, and we can use our expertise to help you get the best possible deal.

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Find cost effective alternative software without sacrificing functionality

We can recommend new and alternative software that can save you money without sacrificing functionality. We have a wide network of software providers, and we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions that can help our clients succeed.

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30 years of combined Payroll and HRIS experience to save you months of project runway

Between our partners, our years of industry knowledge allow for strong renegotiations and audits for software currently in place, along with obtaining new solutions.

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