Meet The Founders

Together, Arthur and Igor founded Plumstack with the goal of providing businesses with the best possible SaaS brokerage and consultancy services.

CEO & Founder
Igor Kiss
CFO & Founder
Arthur Shlendak

Transparency Is Key

We believe that transparency is essential for building trust with our clients. We are committed to being open and honest with our clients about our services, fees, and processes.

Focus on Success

Our team of experienced SaaS brokers with over 25 years of combined experience work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals.

Strive For Excellence

At Plumstack, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We are constantly innovating and looking for new ways to use our expertise to help our clients succeed.
Our Mission

Empowering small and medium businesses with the right software solutions, so you can focus on what you do best: Growing

Our mission is to help SMBs optimize their techstack and save on their software spend so they can focus on growing their businesses. We recognize that small and medium businesses often miss out on the major benefits that their tech and enterprise counterparts enjoy. This is why we make it our mission to educate our clients about the various types of business software tools available on the market today. Plumstack believes that every SMB deserves access to the best software solutions, and are committed to helping them get the most out of their technology.
At Plumstack, we are a team of experienced SaaS professionals with 30 years of combined experience. We are passionate about helping small and medium businesses (SMBs) save an average of 30% on their software spend!One of our core beliefs is that every department should maintain its own SaaS tech stack and configuration, regardless of business size or stage. This philosophy reflects our commitment to empowering SMBs to leverage the power of technology to achieve their goals and drive success.

Are you looking to save money on your HR/Payroll software?

Plumstack offers a free consultation. Talk with one of our experts to discuss your needs and see how we can help you save an average of 30% on your software spend.

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